Capri's Neutral Elephant Nursery

After hours of Pinterest searching, I knew I wanted my nursery to be clean cut with neutral colors. I found that light colored nurseries gave the illusion of a larger room, and with the space I had to work with, color wasn't really an option. 

I started with the big things like the crib and dresser. I really liked the Baby Cache Montana set in Driftwood so I added it to my Registry at Babies R Us. After my shower, they offered me 10% off the rest of my registry so I purchased the bed, dresser, and changing table topper. I also have a Toys R Us credit card and that got me an additional discount!  

I was so picky when it came to the crib bedding. I couldn't find anything I liked that also went with my neutral theme. Spending $200+ on something I hardly even liked was out of the question. I found a lot of the sets still included bumpers which I was terrified of because of suffocation so why was I going to pay that much and not even get use of everything included?

After speaking to my Mom about my frustrations she said "Why don't I just make the bedding for you? My mom did it for me." When I agreed to her idea, I didn't realize how AMAZING it would turn out! (Although my Grandma is a master at quilting and obviously she taught my Mom a thing or two) She even made a matching throw pillow for my rocking chair and it totally makes the room come together! She's thinking of opening an ETSY shop so other Moms can find custom bedding. 

The mobile I found at Target. It was around $25 and was just simple and cute. And don't worry, Capri doesn't sleep with that bunny or any loose blankets in the bed! 

My rocking chair was ordered online through Walmart. Though I love the look of the taupe chair, It's not a chair you can just sink into and that is one regret I have... but it gets the job done. We have a more comfortable rocking chair in our living room so I guess that's how I justify it. If I could do it all over again, I probably would have spent a little more on this part of the nursery because I love rocking her and reading books in that chair.

The polka dots on the wall are actually made of vinyl! They stick on and come right off so easily! I ordered a few different sizes from ETSY, but have since bought a Silhouette Cameo to make my own.

The little table beside the rocking chair I am going to swap out soon. I got it at Homegoods and while it fits well in the room, I don't think it's sturdy enough now that she's using everything to pull up!

I just love the little pouf in front of the rocking chair. I was drawn to the colors and texture of it at TJ Maxx. It was on clearance for like $30! I'm totally a bargain shopper! 

The elephant lamp is from Walmart and was about $34. Initially I wanted to make something like it from an old lamp, but ran out of time and ended up buying this last minute!

The basinet is a Moses Basket. Everywhere I looked they were like about $70 at the time and then randomly I found one on Amazon for like $30. It was brand new, but discounted because the box was opened. It even came with the white bedding!

The basinet stand is called a Jolly Jumper and I got it at Buy Buy Baby. They were clearing out the ones they had in store so it was discounted. They still sell them online. The cool thing is I also have the UppaBaby Vista stroller that comes with a basinet and this stand totally works with it! So if you're thinking of dropping the $150 to get the Vista Bassinet Stand, don't!

I made the artwork on the wall. I printed the 2 elephant photos and then made the Disney quotes with my Silhouette Cameo. One says "I want adventure in the great wide somewhere" from Beauty and the Beast. The other says "A dream is a wish your heart makes" from Cinderella.

The frames are actually from a night club in Kansas City called Mosaic. A few years ago they were going through a massive renovation and these frames were going to be tossed out. I asked if I could have them (not knowing what I would even do with them). I'm so glad I did because this wall is my favorite! I also looked up the brand on the back on the frames and it turns out they sell for over $100 a piece! Say Whaaattt? Kansas City is amazing for good finds! 

Sal was bored waiting for me at HomeGoods (yes I shop there a lot) so he went to sit in the furniture section. Next to that is the clearance isle and he came back with this adorable "C" that matched her furniture so well! It was like $17!

I wanted to make a pallet shelf, (even got the pallet to do it) but I was a High Risk patient during my pregnancy and couldn't do much towards the end. I found this wooden shelf at Target and it fit in well! I can't remember how much it was though. Probably under $30.

That large mirror was also from Mosaic in Kansas City. I definitely scooped on that find. 

The 3 vintage trunks I found at Ross one day. They were $75 for all 3.

The elephant was a random buy from a furniture store calls Bob's. I walked in and saw it and got so excited for some reason. I'm not sure if the horns will be dangerous for Capri. She mostly leaves it alone and just waves to it from time to time. It was $100.

I found a 5.6x7 foot off white throw rug I fell in love with at Homegoods, but like an idiot I waited for Sal to go back and look at it with me and it was gone! I bought a large faux white sheepskin rug and though it was pretty, the rug caused a lot of static and I thought it wouldn't be comfortable when she started crawling so we took it back. Alas, we were in Home Depot looking for a sander or something and we came across the perfect off white rug that is currently in her room and it is so soft! It feels like memory foam. I want to say we paid around $170 for it.

When planning a nursery use pinterest! Pin the ones that stand out to you and then go back and figure out the trend. Are you pinning bright colors, do you like pinks and girly stuff, or are you leaning toward more neutral rooms? What do the wall decorations look like? What style of crib are you mostly pinning? After that, try to replicate your favorite pieces and don't be afraid to shop around. TJ Maxx and HomeGoods are great for unique looking finds. Also, coupons are amazing! Bed Bath and Beyond offers 20% off coupons all the time and they have a ton of baby stuff online! 

Also, don't be afraid to dress up something you find on craigslist! I see so many adorable pieces of furniture that are being thrown out or given for FREE! Happy hunting my friends!