Meeting Zuri


I was so excited to see the girls after Zuri was born! Fun Fact: I had only spent 1 night away from Capri and that was the night that Aeri was born. This was the first time I had gone a night away from Aeri and the second time being away from Capri so it was a little weird for me. Leading up to this moment, we had been talking a lot about the "New Baby" that would be sliding out of my tummy and coming to live with us. I couldn't wait to see how they reacted to her!


They were instantly curious and wanted to climb in the hospital bed with me. I took a look at Aeri, and suddenly my little baby who has held my hand to fall asleep every night, seemed so big to me. I was watching her, watching the baby, and as I was trying to figure out if she really understood what was going on (like this little human just came out of my mom) she leaned over and kissed Zuri. My heart melted!


Capri wanted to touch all over Zuri's face and started whispering "Good Baby" to her. The whole thing was so sweet and definitely a memory I will cherish. I still can't believe I have a little girl gang when I would have swore I was going to be a boy mom! I can't wait to watch them grow and I hope they'll be close like my sisters and I.


Watch the video of the girls meeting Zuri here!