Zuri Meadow - Birth Story


She's here, and a whole 6 days before expected! My due date of July 5th was about a week away and I was worried my husband Sal would be out of town for an away game with his team Atlanta United FC. I was starting to "nest" like crazy and wanted everything to be clean incase I went into labor early. 

On Wednesday, July 27th I had a OBGYN apt and was told I was 3cm dilated. My doctor did a membrane sweep and said to be prepared to go into labor. As soon as I left the office I began having mild labor pains and contractions. They lasted through the night and I was sure I was going to have the baby by morning. I was waiting for the contractions to get closer together, but around 6am they completely stopped. I was so confused and disappointed not having the baby, but also relieved because my parents and little brother Tryst were flying in from Vegas that afternoon and it would be much easier if they could watch my 2 toddlers (Capri and Aeri) while I went to the hospital. 

That night I was about to hop in the shower, but my girls begged me to take a bath so I hoped in the tub with them in all my pregnant glory. The 3 of us barely fit amongst the mermaid barbies that were floating and my little pony figures I was sitting on. I played for a few minutes with them until the contractions started up again and started to get painful. I hoped out of the bath, and started grabbing things for the hospital. Sal quickly put Aeri to sleep and my little brother Tryst put on a show for Capri to watch as we left for the hospital. 


I was admitted at 4/5 cm with regular contractions about 4 to 5 minutes apart. Sal quickly passed out because he was exhausted from practice that day while I labored on. A few hours passed and I asked for an epidural because I knew my 3rd would come quickly and I was afraid of missing the opportunity. (I'm really not too great with pain!) After the epidural, things were smooth sailing!


I got a bit of rest and then all of a sudden I began feeling pressure down below. I called for the nurse and she said the doctor would be by to check my cervix. The pressure quickly increased and I told her I thought I needed to push very soon! The doctor came in and said it was GO time and began to dress. I kept saying "OK, I think I gotta push now!" 


I gave one big push and then took a breath to get ready for the next. Before I pushed the doctor told me "Only a half push this time." I was like What??? Whats a half push!? What does that mean? did I push to hard the first time and something tore? I was sorta freaked out, but tried to do a lesser push the next time. Before I knew it the baby was out and on my stomach! It was so quick, easy, and painless thanks to the epidural ;) Exactly how I hoped it would go. 


At first we couldn't tell who Zuri looked like, but after a few days we see a complete resemblance to Capri as a newborn. We love her so much and can't imagine life without these 3 little girls!


Checkout the Birth VLOG from my Labor and Delivery with Zuri here...