Boundaries with DockATot


The arrival of "The New Baby" aka Zuri has been a highly talked about event in our household. Now that she's here, my 1 and 3 year old can't keep their hands off of her. I love how curious they are, but sometimes I get nervous that one of them is going to lay on top of her or forget that she's not a doll you can toss around. We've been trying to work on baby boundaries, like no touching her face or squeezing too tight, but it's hard trying to reason with 2 toddlers who just think their baby sister is so cute!

I ordered a DockATot which is a multifunctional lounger/co-sleeper because I wanted a safe place to lay her for playtime or naps that would also serve as a reminder for her big sisters to be careful. The DockATot is all natural, 100% cotton and handmade in Europe. It comes in two sizes, Deluxe for 0-8 Months, and Grand 9-36 months.


The girls were immediately excited when we unboxed it because they thought it was a play boat. They jumped right in and started singing "row row row your boat" and it was the cutest thing ever! We put Zuri in the DockATock and she loved it just as much as the girls did. She was all giggles and smiles as her big sisters kissed her from head to toe. And I loved having a place to lay her while I worked on the finishing touches of her new nursery. (I normally finish the nursery a month before my due date, but this time around with 2 was impossible!)


She seems to enjoy the security of the edge of the DockATot. When she sleeps, I don't notice her moving or startling as much. It's so nice to being able to easily pick it up and move it to whatever room of the house I'm in. I also love the floral cover because it's so simple to take off and throw it in the wash if she has an accident or spits up. Plus, it's ADORABLE! 

We ordered the Deluxe size since she's a newborn and it's perfect for her to grow with. I think I'm going to order the Grand for her sister Aeri who's now 18 months because I feel like it's the perfect way to transition her into her toddler bed. Use my code HERE for $10 off!