A Vegan Easter


Sometimes I find it hard celebrating holidays and making sure my kids get to enjoy treats the same way I did as a kid. I try my best to maintain a Vegan diet for them, but am always guilted by family members who say it isn't fair if they can't have the same candy and desserts as the other kids. I decided to share a few things we did this year to celebrate Easter as Vegan as possible!

We requested the Easter Bunny bring some Vegan candy for our baskets and he definitely delivered! Did you know that some of our favorite childhood candy is accidentally Vegan!? The kids enjoyed Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Jolly Ranchers, Red Vines Licorice, and some Justic's Dark Peanut Butter Cups. The Bunny even threw in some Vegan Bath Bombs!

Another favorite part of Easter were the Vegan Jello Bunnies we made! I had an Easter Jello tray and discovered that Walmart actually sells Vegan Jello mix! It's by a brand called JEL and is so good! Do you guys know how long it's been since I've had Jello!!! When I heard that real Jello had gelatin (do yourselves a favor and look what it's made of) I could never eat it again. The kids slurped the Vegan Jello down so fast!


One thing I've always missed about Easter was dying Easter Eggs for the Hunt. I couldn't bring myself to buy real eggs just so we could dye them.. such a waste! But then I hit the jackpot at Walmart again! (And I swear this isn't even a sponsored post!) On the Easter aisle, I found these white faux eggs that you can actually dye and aren't plastic! It was so much fun showing the kids how to color them. My little brother is 7 and has never dyed an Easter egg because I never let him so he didn't even know it was a thing! He loved the kit! 


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Below is our Easter VLOG parts 1 and 2 so you can see how the eggs turned out! ENJOY!