We're Having A Baby!


Around Halloween time last year, I was at the store with Capri when I remembered I needed to pickup some period supplies. While on the aisle, I realized that my period was 2 days late and I kind of said out loud to myself, "I wonder if I should get a pregnancy test." Capri is SUPER fascinated with pregnancies and loves to play doctor and make me pretend I'm pregnant. When she heard me talk about it she screamed, "Mom! OMG! You're having a baby!" People started looking at me strange and I was like, "Shh! No I don't think so. I'm gonna get this test to see though." The whole walk back to the register she asked about how the test worked and kept telling me that I was pregnant and she was so excited. 

The next morning I asked Capri to keep an eye on Aeri so that I could run and pee. She called out to me "Mom, don't forget to pee on the stick!" and I just laughed because of how adamant she was being. I remember taking 9 months of pregnancy tests while trying to conceive with Capri and it always seemed to take forever for the results to appear. When I peed on the stick this time, I immediately saw two lines! I could't believe it and started freaking out a bit. I wasn't sure if I was ready to be pregnant again. And 3 babies! I had just figured out how to handle 2!

belly2 copy.jpg

I told Capri right away and she was ecstatic. For a 2 year old, she really does understand a lot beyond her years. Sal was at practice so I had to wait for him to call me when he finished. Instead of telling him in a cute way, I just wanted him to know! His reaction was similar to mine, excited, happy, and then he said, "But hey, we really gotta slow down on number 4!" Like duh, I'm not even thinking of number 4 at this point! 


Our 3rd baby should be born at the end of June or beginning of July! We are excited to have them all be close in age and honestly I'm happy to get through the "bottles and diapers" phase at once. I don't want to have life get back to a normal easy routine and then do the whole baby thing all over again. For me, I want the kids to go through the same phases of life together; the baby toddler phase, elementary school, theme parks and water parks etc. I'm so excited for the future and this little babe is already loved!


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