Making Time


I thought I'd start doing some family updates on here because so much is changing and I haven't been keeping up! My first born, (Capri) is now 2 and a half and growing up too fast! She impresses us daily with her huge vocabulary and the things she blurts out! She definitely doesn't speak like a 2 year old! I'm in awe of how easily she just picks things up and then does them on her own without asking for help. Honestly, she would be completely fine to fend for herself if she were thirsty, hungry, needed to use the restroom, or turn on a show on the iPad.


As nice as it is having a toddler who's so self sufficient... I find myself wanting to keep her little because it's all happening before my eyes. Life and schedules get so crazy sometimes. I forget to take a step back and enjoy these moments with her being my little babe. Instead of finishing the dishes or putting away laundry and telling her I'll be there in a minute, I've started to just say "YES" when she asks if I'll play with her or read her a book. She won't always want or need me and so I'm taking advantage of the fact that she does now.