Aeri's Wanderlust Nursery


Putting this nursery together was a bit of a challenge because this time around, I wasn't starting from scratch. I toyed with the idea of buying all new nursery furniture (especially because I wanted a white crib), but I felt like it was such a waste of money since I already had this set. I knew I was going to have 2 babies under 2, but I figured Capri could still use the crib until it was time to transition Aeri out of the bassinet. 


This room was easily the smallest in the house, so I had to be careful not to over crowd it. I used many of the same items that were in Capri's nursery, but I wanted Aeri's room to have her own identity. We found this gorgeous rug at Homegoods an I knew I wanted it to be the inspiration for the rest of the room.


While looking for accents to go with the boho style rug, I found these cute little arrows at Hobby Lobby. They had so many tribal decorations it was hard not to get everything. Also, tying into the boho theme was this hanging floral mobile that I actually made myself! I need to post a DIY on how to do it because I think it turned out so cute! When the girls are in the crib they love staring up at it! 


This mirror was also left over from Capri's nursery. I actually got it for free during a remodel at Mosaic Nightclub in Kansas City. Sal used to play there when I was first pregnant so it holds some sentimental value. The wooden arrows are also from Hobby Lobby and the wall art is from Homegoods. I seriously find the best, unique stuff every time I go to Homegoods!


The light fixture was actually in our living room when we bought the house, but Sal said it blocked his view of the TV from the kitchen so we put it in the nursery. I have to say, my favorite part of this whole nursery is the hammock chair! It is comfortable, so cute, and the best part.... I got it on Amazon for like $28! You can find a similar one HERE. Having a hammock chair in the house is so much fun and actually relaxing. Sometimes Sal and I fight over it! 


This wanderlust sign, boho hamper with tassels and prayer artwork were also some good finds from Homegoods. When I saw the prayer, the words were so sweet that I had to get it for the nursery! 


Last up is the wooden book shelf from Target. It was also in Capri's original nursery. I love collecting Vegan books for the girls to understand where food really comes from and the whole process. I think it's important for them to decide for themselves if they want to eat meat, rather than forcing it on them at a young age. When they are older, it will be their choice if they want to consume animal products. Stay tuned for Capri's big girl room coming soon!