Super Easy Birth Announcement

After my first daughter Capri was born, we were so busy shooting Season 1 of Rattled that I forgot to book a professional newborn shoot for her. I tried to take the photos myself, but let's be honest... you need someone who is experienced with newborn poses to really make the photos look amazing. I didn't even send out birth announcements for her and I definitely regretted it. I knew I was going to be prepared for when baby number two arrived.

Fast forward 2 years, Aeri is born and guess who dropped the ball again? Yup, me. I actually did get newborn photos taken, but I did nothing with them...NOTHING! I mean sure, I posted them online, but when it came to getting around to printing them and sending out birth announcements, I kept putting it off thinking the whole thing was going to be too difficult and time consuming. 

I know what you're thinking... Everyone and their Mom is on Facebook now days, so why send out a birth announcement? Well, I took the babies to visit some family on the West Coast, and while visiting with both Great Grandma's, I realized how full their refrigerators were of photos! I mean literally, every Christmas card we had sent was still up for everyone to see.

When my Grandma asked to see the newborn photos of Aeri, I took out my iPhone and pulled them up. She was squinting and in that moment I realized how badly I needed to get her photos out there, on paper, for my Grandma to show off to all the neighbors who come to chat. Showing her digital copies on and iPhone was useless. 

I went to and typed in baby girl birth announcements and found so many cute options. I already knew which photo of Aeri I was going to use, and then I quickly zero'd in on an adorable Ombre design and knew it would go perfectly! What I loved about the whole process was how easy it was to customize every little detail.

I was surprised to see so many color choices for the envelope. I chose a pink one so it would really stand out in the mail! There was even a place to add the guest AND return address for FREE! Like what? Why not!? If you're anything like me, then your hand writing is perfect on the first five envelopes and then it starts to look like a 5 year old wrote the rest. Being able to have them printed for free was a huge plus! Another thing I really liked was the option to add a custom liner to the inside of the envelope. I felt like it really tied everything together and gave the overall package a great look!

If you're looking for an easy way to make birth announcements, Basic Invite is your site! They're currently offering 40% off all birth announcements with code: BIRTH40! Don't put it off like I did because the code is only good till this Sunday, August 6th!