Aeri Elalia - A Birth Story

Just after New Year's Eve, I started feeling mild labor pains. It reminded me of the bad period cramps I used to get every month. Every night, I'd go to bed and tell my husband Sal, "I think tonight is the night I go into labor." And every morning I'd wake up with no baby. On January 5th, I went to an appointment with my OB, Dr. Kuo and she told me I was 3cm dilated, but not in active labor. She did a membrane sweep (not as bad as I thought it would be, just uncomfortable) and told me to be prepared to go to the hospital just incase. That night, the labor pains got more and more intense. I decided to call the on call Doctor at the hospital around 5am. She said based on the way I sounded, to wait it out a bit.

Around 7am I started feeling a lot of lower back pain with each contraction. I knew I was in labor and didn't want to wait too long and be that girl who's baby comes out in the car on the way to the hospital! Sal had just left to take my Dad and little brother Tryst to the airport because Tryst had to get back to Vegas for school. At 9am, I gave my Doctor's office a call and told her I thought I was in labor. She told me to head to the hospital and that one of her co-workers, Dr. Nitz was there and that she would have a look at me. I was happy to hear that Dr. Nitz was there because she was part of the team that helped turn the baby during our version at 36 weeks when she was breech.

We woke my Mom up to tell her we were heading to the hospital and she was so excited. Capri was still sleeping and I started to get emotional that my baby wouldn't be an only child anymore. We kissed her and headed out to the car to find that it was snowing. It was a beautiful winter day and I still couldn't believe we were about to have another baby!

Dr. Nitz did an exam and I was admitted around 11:30am at 5cm. Sal and I hung out and caught up on some shows for awhile. The contractions started getting worse so I received the epidural at 6cm. I'm all for going natural and think it's amazing for women who can go through labor without medication, but I knew I didn't have a high pain tolerance after my first pregnancy.

I was so nervous again for the epidural, but I knew it would help me relax once it was in. The anesthesiologist was the same Doctor who did my epidural with Capri, and for some reason that put me at ease. Jamie, my favorite labor and delivery nurse wasn't working that day, but the other nurses who were there were also amazing. I can't stress enough how great the entire staff at the Valley Hospital has been!

Around 6:30pm I was fully dilated! Shortly after, I began pushing. I kid you not, it was so easy! Everyone told me the second time around would be easier, but I didn't realize how right they were! Maybe it was because this time I knew what I was doing and could tell when a contraction was coming. After a few pushes, I could tell she was almost out, and before I knew it she was in my arms!

Aeri Elalia Zizzo was born January 6th at 6:59pm. She weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and was 20 inches long. I started feeling deja vu because her sister Capri looked exactly the same when they placed her on me. I instantly felt the need to soothe her little cries and comfort her.

During our skin to skin time. Sal went to pickup my Mom and Capri from the house. When Capri entered the room my heart melted. She already seemed older than when I had left her that morning. We had been explaining to her that the baby was coming soon and I think she really understood it when she saw her.

We LOVE our little girls and are so lucky to have them! Read Capri's Birth Story HERE!