Version for a Breech Baby

Around Capri's first birthday, we found out we were expecting baby number 2 and that it was a girl! Since I had some pre-term labor scares during my pregnancy with Capri, we made sure to see my high risk doctor for testing. After some irregular blood work came back and a short cervix, this pregnancy also became high risk.

The baby was head up pretty much the entire pregnancy. Around 37 weeks we started to worry that she would stay breech and so my doctor recommended I go to the hospital and have a procedure called a "Version" in order to attempt to turn the baby before delivery. She said the success rate was about 60 percent and that it could be painful. Other risks were that my water could break or the baby could become distressed and that I would have to be prepared for an emergency C-section. 

As we were waiting to be directed to a room for the "procedure," a familiar face walked by; nurse Jamie. She was the nurse who assisted in delivering Capri, and was the reason I felt so comfortable and at ease during my first delivery. We told her we were there for a version and she insisted on being a part of the team to help turn the baby.


Before starting, Jamie put some lavender on her hands and waived it over my face. They rubbed some gel on my stomach, and began pushing. It felt uncomfortable, as if the baby wasn't budging. My eyes were closed, but I could feel my entire body clenching. Jamie kept whispering for me to relax, but I was so nervous. After about 2 minutes she asked the doctors to stop.

She whispered in my ear for me to be calm and envision the baby turning. She told me to go to my happy place and somehow the image of clouds popped in my head. They began again, and I could feel one of the doctors cup the baby's butt on the side of my abdomen. I heard the other one say she had a hold of her head, and simultaneously they began to push. Jamie was massaging my shoulders and I tried to be open and relaxed.

They started cheering me on, telling me that she was moving and I was doing great. I couldn't see my stomach because I was too afraid to open my eyes, but I could feel it contorting like crazy. Sal said it looked like an alien moving inside of me. All of a sudden the doctor grabbed the doppler and checked the baby's position. She was head down and everyone started to cheer so loud! I was so relieved that the version was successful and the baby was ok. 

The whole thing took around 5 minutes, and was totally worth it versus having to have a C-section. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a breech baby. Stay tuned for the entire birth story coming next!