We're 6 months into nursing and pumping. My supply has rapidly began to drop and I've been super bummed about it. I hate that I'm not able to provide her with the amount of milk she needs at this stage. Although I am raising my kids Vegan, their health is always my number one priority.

We started supplementing with formula to make sure she was getting enough milk. It's definitely not her favorite thing, but she's taking it so I know she's still hungry even after nursing. The problem with using my Madela bottles, is that the formula doesn't mix that well. It leaves clumps and I can't ever seem to get the same consistency as the breastmilk.

After reading about TWISTSHAKE's anti colic bottle, I was excited to try it out! Obviously I already fell in love with their sippy cups! The bottle comes with a mixer net that dissolves all the clumps. Problem solved! Not to mention the adorable colors they come in! 

The best part is that the bottle grows with the baby and turns into a Sippy Cup! You can swap out the nipple for a spout when it's time to transition. I seriously love it. If you want to give any of their products a try use my code DestinyMoniz20 for 20% off!