The Best Summer Sippy Cup

Want to know the secret to getting your toddler to drink more water? Grab some fresh fruit and throw it in a TWISTSHAKE sippy cup! Add some water, shake, and Viola! 

Capri was all smiles calling this her "special" cup. She even helped pick out the fruit that went inside. The fruit mixer inside makes this a great alternative to sugar filled juices! I can't wait to try other fruit combos like watermelon, kiwi, and strawberry! It's been so hot and humid in New York lately so this was the perfect little refresher. The best part was when I told her she could eat the fruit after she finished the water, she replied... "What!?" Then began to chug away :) I even drank out of this cup while we were out and about and didn't feel ridiculous! (Yes, I've drank out of a fish sippy cup before and had some people in the next car give me some odd looks).


All TWISTSHAKE products are BPA-free and sourced from raw materials. They're designed to be spill free so no messy floors or carseats! They also come in the most adorable colors! I can't wait to order the baby bottle version for Aeri!

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