DIY Father's Day Card

Why spend $4.99 on a card that is just going to get thrown away? Besides, my kids are still too young to write, so I would be the one coming up with something cheesy and saying it's from them. I decided to see what we had lying around the house so we could make a more personal card that actually comes from the heart. And boy was it a success! Capri had SO much fun making this!

We started with some construction paper and a few crayons. You can use markers, paint, color pencils... whatever! 

I thought it would be cute to trace her hand so we could remember her little fingers. She loved choosing her own colors and getting creative. The best part was that she was making this "For Daddy!" 

When we broke open the glitter glue, it took things to a whole new level! She went cray! Keep in mind you really have to watch your toddler with this. Somehow she got it on her elbows, her face, hands, and the table! 

After everything dried, I put it together with some twine I had left over from an old project. 

I'm always a Last Minute Lucy so I didn't have a gift to go with the card so we headed to target. Sal always says not to get him presents because he doesn't want or need anything. I remembered him saying something about wanting to take coffee to training in the morning, but we didn't have a to-go coffee cup so we grabbed one. He also likes to snack on trail mix, so we got a jug of his favorite caramel cashew mix.

Honestly, this was such an easy and cheap gift. If you're reading this and thinking, "Oh Crap, it's Father's Day!?" You still got time girl, go grab some paper and get started!