Baby Monitor Reviews

Recently, I came across this site and I wanted to share it with all of you. They have a ton of reviews on different products and it will totally help you narrow down what you are looking for. Especially with Christmas coming next month, I feel like it will make shopping that much easier. 

When I first got pregnant, I was overwhelmed by all the baby products out there. I spent weeks scouring the internet to make sure I had everything I needed. It was so time consuming so I started asking friends with kids for recommendations... What pacifier did you like? Which stroller did you choose? What's the best carseat? One of my best friends had actually created spread sheets with pros and cons on tons of baby products. I wanted the best for my new baby, but I just felt like I didn't have the patience to do something like that. I ended up just getting the same products as some of my friends, but what I found out was that we all parent differently. Some of the things that worked for them, didn't work for me. 

I bought these crazy bottles a friend told me I had to have, but I didn't use them because I didn't have a colic baby and I couldn't stand all the pieces. I hated our baby monitor because there was this blindspot in the crib that I couldn't see and I had to manually go in and tilt the camera if I wanted to see the baby. I finally swapped it out for a camera with a 360 degree view of the room and it was a total game changer. Another thing I found important was the ability to see the actual temperature in the nursery. It was always a few degrees off from the rest of the house and in the winter time it made a huge difference in what I set the thermostat at. has done a great review on baby monitors HERE if you are in need for one and don't have time to search for yourself!