Sleeping like a baby...


I have a little confession to make; I've been co-sleeping with my 8 month old! I know what you're thinking... Shouldn't she be in her own room by now? 

We actually did transition her to the crib in her nursery, but instead of getting more sleep, we got less! Unlike our first daughter Capri, Aeri is a total side/stomach sleeper. No matter how many times we put her on her back, she rolls over. It's not just that she rolls over, she likes to sleep with her face buried. 

I found myself up all night watching the monitor and waiting for her to move so I could go and adjust her. I was so paranoid that she was going to suffocate that I didn't sleep. Another problem we were having was that the mattress we were using made a crinkle sound. Whenever I tried to move her to a better sleeping position she would hear the crinkle and wake up. Most nights, I would end up just bringing her back in bed with me because I was so exhausted. (I used a co-sleeper bassinet so that I could see her and adjust her from being face down). I wanted the security of knowing she was safe from suffocation. 


After hearing about the Newton Baby Mattress being 100% breathable, I jumped at the opportunity to upgrade! My first impression of the mattress was how comfortable it felt, yet still firm enough for a baby to sleep safely. I immediately put my face into it to see if I could breathe; and I could! My husband Sal looked at me like I was crazy, but I had to check it out for myself. I was surprised with how easy it was to unzip the cover to wash it incase of diaper leaks. (This is going to make potty training so much easier when she gets older!) To top it off, the mattress is recyclable! Although I plan on using this mattress forever, ;) the treehugger in me was like whoop whoop! 


We've been using the Newton mattress for a few days, and I already notice a drastic change in the way she sleeps. I don't see her tossing and turning as much and it's safe to say we are both sleeping through the night. I feel so much more comfortable knowing that she is safe and getting her best rest. To say she sleeps like a baby would be an understatement!