Tribal Boho First Birthday

A few weeks ago we celebrated Capri's first birthday in San Diego. I knew I wanted some type of bohemian decor with a touch of flowers for my little Vegan babe, so I took to pinterest for some inspiration.

My creative brother helped me make this floral number "1" from a tall and skinny cardboard box. I used some leftover fake flowers from my wedding along with some others I bought from the dollar store to cover the box. I looked at a few different craft stores for flowers, but they cost a bit more and I needed a lot to cover all the sides. I poked holes in the box and just stuck them in. I actually used a hot glue gun to secure a few in the direction I wanted so that it really took the shape of the 1. 

I bought this wooden toddler swing on amazon because I thought it would be cute for the party. I had planned to have flowers and garland going up the sides, but when it arrived it just looked so cute so I left it as it was.

I wish I had closer photos of the decor, but there was so much going on and our amazing photographer and family friend caught so many great photos of the birthday girl that this will have to do. We used mix matched floral china plates as chargers and had cute little tribal sayings framed on each table. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the patterned chevron decorations hanging in the back, along with the feather cup cake toppers.  

My husband Sal's cousin was so sweet and made these beautiful cupcakes for the party and brought along the tree stumps as well. The table cloth underneath was ordered on amazon and I just love it so much! I'm sure I'll use it as a large beach blanket or something else.

My sisters helped me make the larger Dream Catchers. I used small hula hoops for the round part. I cut up a few old dresses and used the scraps to cover the hoop. I attached large doilies in the center and then hung the addition scraps from the bottom. 

Her outfit was my favorite part of the who thing! I was looking for a boho baby romper and came across this adorable one on instagram. I contacted the maker and they made one for Capri. I also had them make an adorable bib and bloomers set for when she ate the cake, but I'll have to take more photos of them and post in a later blog.

I ordered a bit extra of the fringe and had my mom make the tassels around her feet. They turned out so great! The floral crowns I bought from Charlotte Russe. 

I used left over flowers to make the garland for her high chair. I added these cute wooden animal characters I found at target, but they kind of got masked by the flowers. The "ONE" was cut on my silhouette Cameo.

The Vegan Cake was ordered from Jimbo's downtown in SD. It didn't turn out looking as good as I'd expected, but it tasted delicious and that's what really matters. I used a TeePee pattern found on pinterested to cut the cake topper from a book of colorful cardstock paper. My Silhouette cut the outside decor and then I just hot glue guned twigs from the yard to the center.

At first she just stared at the cake, but then I put it up to her and she got the idea. She went crazy for it.

After awhile, like the sharer she is, she invited everyone to come try some cake off her fingers. It was so cute.

Later in the evening, it got a little chilly so I put on this adorable lace kimono on her that my mom made. Someone snuck her a lolly pop that was not vegan and she threw a huge fit when I tried to take it away. (I know, I'm a terrible mom right?)

We finished off the night playing in her TeePee that her Nanu (Grandpa Sal) made for her. This TeePee was such a huge hit! 

I'll be posting soon what we did in lieu of gifts for her! Until then...