Rattled Introduction

I hope you all enjoyed the first 2 episodes of Rattled so far! Sal and I are really enjoying getting to re-live the moments in our pregnancy leading up to the birth of Capri, our first baby! 

During my pregnancy, Sal joined the New York Red Bulls, a soccer team in the MLS. The move really took a toll on my pregnancy and I was playing it by ear week to week waiting for the day our doctors felt it was time for Little Miss Capri to make her arrival!

During an ultrasound, my Perinatologist told us she was worried about the size of the baby and it was possible that I would be induced on my next appointment. It's exciting to think you might get to meet your baby sooner than expected, but also very scary! There was so much to be done that my parents and little brother had to fly out just to help Sal and I sort everything before the baby arrived! Here we are, strolling around our new neighborhood one day, and the next I could be having a baby!

The next day was Game Day. As Sal left for the stadium, my mom and I headed out to my doctors appointment. Sal literally had to warm up not knowing if he was going to become a dad that night! Meanwhile, the woman doing my ultrasound was not giving any hints on if what she was seeing was good or bad! As we waited for the doctor to tell us our fate and give us the news, my Mom decided she would try convincing the nurses that inducing me would be best for everyone!

The thing about my mom is that she absolutely, 100 percent, loves and adores babies! She was so worried about having to share her first grandchild, that she wanted me to go into labor before my mother-in-law could fly out from San Diego!

Having the first Grandchild on both sides can be tricky! Everyone is super excited and over the moon to be involved with the baby. Picking out her name was a hard enough task because everyone wanted to give input and have their say. Don't get me wrong, I love suggestions, but there comes a point when you as the parents make the ultimate decision. 

To find out if I had the baby or made it to the game in time for Kick Off, watch next weeks episode of Rattled on TLC!