Traveling to Maui with a Baby

My husband Sal's off-season from the MLS is pretty much our only time to travel as a family. Since his only free time from soccer is during the winter months, we wanted to go somewhere warm and sunny to escape the New York cold weather. We decided to take a quick trip to Hawaii to relax and visit some of my relatives on the island of Maui. I was a bit nervous about taking an 8 month old, but knew I wouldn't enjoy the trip without her. The flight over from San Diego wasn't bad. Capri has flown so much since she was born so she did great. We made sure to keep little snacks and a few toys to occupy her!

From the moment we arrived at the Andaz Hotel in Wailea, we were greeted with Lei's! The hotel was beautiful and had amazing views! They were very accommodating and had a crib, high chair, baby bathing supplies, and even a few toys in our room for Capri. 

The sun was beginning to set so we explored the property and snapped a few shots along the beach. It was Capri's first time really noticing the sand and exploring the texture of it! 


We spent the next day sighting seeing around the island with my Great Uncle John. It always fascinates me to hear stories from family about historical events they were able to witness. He took us to the Maui Ocean Center which is a catch and release aquarium. Capri loved watching the fish swim and even got to touch a star fish!

Later in the evening, my cousin Joanne took us to the Maui Theatre to see 'Ulalena. The show was amazing! I loved learning more about the history and culture of Hawaii and how my ansestors arrived on the islands.

The next day was a beach day for us. Thanks to a blog post I found, I was prepared with a little tent to shade the baby. It worked so well! We ordered it on amazon and it fit right into our luggage. We literally unzipped the package and it went up. It was so handy because Capri could play or nap and we didn't have to worry about too much sun exposure. 

After some time at the beach we took her to the pool for a bit. We brought this baby raft that has a canopy for shade and it also fit easily in the suitcase. We actually didn't need it because the Andaz had the same one available for guests to use.


The next day we took her to the Sand Box in the hotel lobby to let her play. She loved it. Then we walked around the property and found these amazing hanging TeePee's in the grass. Naturally we had an impromptu photoshoot because I just loved her little swim suit! 


The next day was another day to relax. My cousin joined us at the hotel and we spent most of the morning at the pool. In the evening we headed to the upcountry to visit with some other family members and checkout the sunset at Haleakala; the highest point in Maui. It was quite a bit of a drive up, but the views were amazing. In all honestly, I'm not sure I'd do it again though. It was freezing cold and I barely could stand to snap a few photos before running back to the car. The pictures didn't even turn out that great because I was too cold to adjust the camera settings. On the way down I felt a bit car sick and had to get out for some fresh air.

When Capri was first born, my cousin Crystal had sent her some adorable clothes and among them was my favorite little Hawaiian dress fit for a Happa Girl. I dreamed of the day I could take photos of her in it so our last day was dedicated to just that. Initially, Capri wasn't too excited about the idea.

We finished off our trip with some family sunset beach photos. Capri used Sal's necklace as a teething toy and it was nearly impossible to get it away from her. I didn't have time to have floral headpieces made (thought of it last minute) so the concierge gave me leis and I used them. Didn't quite look as good as I'd hoped, but what can you do.

IMG_2446 (1).jpg

Sal really wanted me to take a picture of him hanging from this tree branch so I posted this one just for him. ;)

We really had a great time at the Andaz, however I think the next time we go back we'd like to rent a villa with a large group. Renting a car also helped because we had the freedom to take off an explore the island. We really enjoyed the Wailea Beach area and would definitely recommend it to anyone planning a trip!