Little Miss Capri

During the MLS off season, my husband Sal signed with the New York Redbulls. As he took off to Orlando for pre-season camp, I packed up our place in Kansas City. I was nearly 28 weeks pregnant and thought I could handle packing up the place by myself, but the day after I arrived in New York I was admitted to the hospital for some bleeding.

Long story short; I became a High Risk patient over night. As the weeks continued I saw 3 different doctors; my regular OB, a High Risk OB, and a Hematologist to monitor my blood. It was decided that at 39 weeks I would be induced. The baby had been measuring small and with my platelet count going up and down we felt it was safer for her to be on the outside. 

My husband had a match the night we were admitted to the hospital. It was such a crazy feeling watching his game and knowing we'd be checking in to have our baby soon after. My whole life I had feared childbirth more than anything, but as we arrived to our room I felt more anxious than anything. I had so many thoughts running through my head. "What would she look like? How much hair would she have?"

As morning came, my nurse for the day introduced herself as Jamie. Little did I know; Jamie was about to make my labor and delivery the best experience ever. To get things rolling, the Doctor on duty broke my water, and I quickly remembered why I had chosen a female OB with small hands. If only she were there to have done that part, but she was seeing other patients at the time. As the day went on, the pitocin started to kick in and I could feel the contractions getting more intense. My nurse Jamie turned down the lights and shades and suddenly I felt as if I were in a spa with soothing music. As each contraction grew, she gave me what seemed like an acupuncture massage, but without the needles. This went on for over an hour and I kept thinking to myself "This actually isn't that bad." 

A few hours later I called the nurse in to tell her that my contractions were getting closer together and I was starting to get uncomfortable. Jamie told me to get up and go into a child's pose. "Wait, what?" Now don't get me wrong, I love me some yoga...  but I was in the middle of labor, in a hospital gown, not to mention my Mom had the GoPro constantly in my face. But Jamie wasn't kidding. So there I was, doing yoga on the bed in the middle of my contractions. And you know what.. It worked.

About an hour later I received the epidural and I was feelin' goooood. My OB, Dr. Kuo arrived and informed me it was time to start pushing! Everyone in the room was so excited! As I started to push I had no idea what I was doing. I was numb and it felt more like an ab workout than anything. Everyone kept shouting "You can do it! You got this!" I felt as if I had my own cheer squad rooting for me. My husband and Mom kept trying to peak at what was going on, and I started to feel this sense of modesty as I banned them to the corner of the room. I mean here I am, legs spread baring it all and sure there was a team of people who saw everything going on, but they were strangers and somehow that made it easier.

I pushed for almost an hour when Dr. Kuo told me to put my arms out. I was like, "Already? Are you sure?" Next thing I know, there she was; this perfect little girl cuddling against me. 

I'll never forget her birthday and the nurse who held my hand throughout the whole process. Or my Doctor who was always so sweet and gentle. I hope that when my future children arrive, it will be like this. Natural and Easy; as it should be.