First comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE, then comes...


Yep, Sal and I are pregnant! And we couldn't be more ecstatic! Before I get into how happy we are, I'll start by back tracking a few years to high school.

My Mom always said "If you have sex, expect to have a baby." Well, I assumed that to be true because my mother knew everything; so I refrained. I had this notion in my head... more like a life plan. I would go to college, meet a boy, date for a few years, get engaged, married, and then BOOM; I'd have a baby by 25. 

In a way you can say my plan worked out. I went to school in San Diego, met Sal at UCLA when I was 18, and we started dating when I was 20. We had a good platform. We got to travel throughout Europe while he was playing soccer in the Bundesliga and I just knew that everything was falling into place.

About 3 years later, I got a call that I had booked a TV series that would shoot for a few months in Cape Town, South Africa. Those months turned into a year and a half of me traveling back and forth to South Africa to work with the production company who shot the show. Balancing my work life (which was going great) and a relationship from 2 different continents was difficult to do. 

By the time I settled back into the states and got married I was nearly 26, but putting my career on hold was worth it because we were ready to have a baby. In my head I thought, "I did everything right." I didn't rush into marriage. I built my relationship on a solid friendship, and now that we were married it was time to have a baby. I soon learned that my mothers philosophy (while smart to avoid a teen pregnancy) might not have been 100% accurate. With each month that passed during my first year of marriage, I can't tell you how much disappointment I experienced reading the negative test results. All my friends and family were sharing the amazing news of their pregnancies and while I was extremely happy for them, I couldn't help but feel like I was missing out. I know people try for years and years to get pregnant and I was beginning to understand their frustration. I started to shut people out when they asked if I were pregnant yet. Every phone call or text was just another reminder that I wasn't.

I remember the month I found out I was pregnant I had actually gotten another negative result. I decided to test once more 5 days later and that is when the double line faintly appeared. My husband was taking a nap and I think I was in such shock that I threw the test back in the box and left the house. I didn't want to get my hopes up so I distracted myself for 2 days until one night I peaked back in the box. Sure enough... it was positive! 

The next day while Sal was at a team event, I plotted 7 cameras around the living room to catch is reaction. When he realized that we were pregnant, we both became super awkward. I didn't want to cry so I deflected towards pointing out my hidden camera skills. Shortly after, we told our immediate families and here are their reactions.

I'm 6 months pregnant now and we're expecting our first baby in the beginning of May! We knew early on that our baby would have a very public life, so we wanted to keep the beginning of the pregnancy private so that we could enjoy it. Now we are excited the news is out and we can't wait to share our journey as first time parents with everyone!